Review: Tatcha – Camellia Cleansing Oil

tatcha. camellia cleansing oil


  • What I loved: subtle floral scent; how soft and moisturized my face felt after using it
  • What I didn’t love: could not remove all my eye makeup
  • Rating (out of 5): 3/5

I love all things cleansing, especially the oils. I truly believe that cleansing oil is the best type of product to get rid of impurities/dirt/grime/what-have-you that’s been accumulating throughout the day. With that said, I was extremely excited to try this cleansing oil, but I was also soon fairly disappointed by this product.

This oil has a subtle earthy floral scent, which I adore — it smells absolutely amazing. Its thin consistency is also extremely light on my face and provided me with the gentle touch that was needed in the morning and after a full day’s adventure. But it was too gentle. No matter how hard I tried to rub my eye makeup (eye primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara) out in the PM with this cleansing oil, residue of eyeliner and mascara mixture right along my lower lashes just would not budge. The same thing happened all subsequent nights I’ve used this oil. This was fairly disappointing as it claims to remove makeup.

My face felt soft and moisturized right after using this cleansing oil. But my face has also felt soft after using other cleansing oils as well. One of the main purposes of cleansing oils is to wash out all of your makeup before your second step cleanse, but this one just did not do the job. It may be a good cleansing oil for the AM as you won’t need to clean out any makeup (hopefully — shame on you if you sleep with your makeup on), but I cannot rely on this for my nightly skin care routine. Its scent was alluring and its gentleness comforting, but this would not be my go-to cleansing oil.

I gave it points for the subtle floral scent and the softness felt right after cleansing; these are all perfect for the morning. But I took points off for not being able to remove all of my makeup compared to other cleansing oils I’ve used — all for the price of $48 for a 2.1oz bottle. Yup, I’ll be taking my money elsewhere.

Based on my experience with it, I think this cleansing oil is best suited for those with dry, sensitive skin as opposed to those who have oily and acne-prone skin (like me). I have also read a handful of other reviews on this product and noticed that those who claim to have sensitive skin have had better luck with this product in removing makeup than those with oily and acne-prone skin. Did you try it? Leave a comment with your skin type and what effects/benefits you noticed while using this product.

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