I remember the exact moment when I realized how different my skin looked and felt after I started to religiously use good skin care products. I was standing in front of my mirror on a sunny summer morning in Chicago and thought, “Holy crap. My skin looks amazing. This stuff works!” And it’s not just the lighting, either. There was a lit-from-within glow and smoothness to my face that I’d never seen before. It wasn’t until I started using skincare products did I notice this difference. I had been obsessed with skincare everything since.

Then I notice how my skin reacts to every major happening: travels, food and beverage consumption (every meal is a major happening), and stress, to name a few. Balancing all of that proved to be a fulfilling and challenging journey that never seems to have an end. I find myself always searching for new and innovative products to try and experiment with, whether to maintain the healthy glow or fighting off cystic acne. Finding new products and seeing what they can do excites me.